With a love for supporting events that meet strategic objectives, Ruby launched Royal Blue Events Management in 2009. An award winning boutique agency offering full event planning services to small and large scale businesses and non-profit organisations.

The agency believes in the power of bringing people together with both in-person and virtual events and aims to provide the highest quality of service to clients and their guests. Built with enthusiasm, passion and drive to deliver experiences that meet strategic goals with measurable results, Royal Blue Events has grown organically over the years and is now a trusted agency with many repeat clients.

Taking the time to understand a client’s brand, mission and vision is an important step in the planning process to ensure each event is reflective of the organisation’s core values. A well planned event means these factors can positively impact attendees and build trust in sponsors and other parties involved. This helps pave the way for success at future events.

With over fifteen years in the event industry, Royal Blue Events is proudly connected with the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers in the industry and equipped with a wealth of experience and creativity available to clients.

If you would like to work with Ruby or learn more about this venture, get in touch today!